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  • art page will be added where i discuss about my art work and how i feel toward it personally.
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  • a writing page will be centered around notes, literature and other things related to writing.
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  • and misc pages will mostly be one off sites with extras. like graphics and shrines etc.

  • site info:: what is this site?.
  • A site that is a personal hobby. I struggle alot irl so coding is a go to when i feel upset, bored or just want to express myself differntly.
    ⊹ how did i find out about neocities?.Found it through a video essay discussing about faux(lain fanpage.) what intrested me the most was how they were capable of creating such an interesting website; also found out through angelfire alternatives.
  • (credit to dokodemo with date counter.)

    about me:: all about me. the webmaster.

  • Hi i am Corey!. I like to draw and talk about things i enjoy(i like music, art, film and writing...) i am a highschooler(17 years old)and i am an art student(bleugh)... i like to code because it is a hobby that sparks my intrests, although i am quiet amatuer it feels like a fun get away from modern social media platforms. I am born in Canada(Toronto) and i am mixed.(Costa rican and Scottish.) i am also jewish but i am somewhat disconnected from it. I think that is all i can add about myself. But that is the basic info about me lol.
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  • i am also non-binary and use these pronouns... he/she/they.
  • ⊹ things i am currently up to:

    ⊹ busy....i am doing final projects 4 skool

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    ⊹ feel free to sign my guestbook...!

    Favorite song currently::

    i love music so freaking much!!
    artist site link--> ::Offical Site::