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✰ music catalog..

Music stuff

✰A collection of music i listen to and keep in these playlist , theres plenty of breakcore songs i like on my soundcloud though

The playlists...!
✰Youtube Playlist
✰SoundCloud Playlist
whats in the youtube and soundcloud playlists?
-->youtube ✰: rock , metal , house , jungle , dnb , breakcore ... misc -->soundcloud ✰: breakcore , footwork , animecore , breakcore , dnb , ambient , experimental ...misc

welcome to the music site / catalog thing i made..!

this is gonna be a small blog dedicated to music genres i enjoy

i listen to a wide variety of things i am not limited to one genres..

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Songs / Albums i like . .

current favorite songs. .

Type O negative
1 . I dont wanna be me
2. Creepy green light
3. Everyone i love is dead
4. wolf moon
5. in praise of bacchus
6. be my druidess