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Welcome to my site!

Strwbrry is my personal website, a personal project dedicated to old web aesthetics / design ( even though it looks kinda wonky ) i mainly created this site for entertainment and having fun and being creative aside and kinda getting away from social media platforms with all the drama and stuff..
Please feel welcomed here

wanna know more about me? you can learn all about me on this site ! you can read about me on the about me page dedicated to my likes , dislikes and heavy intrests on art , tv shows , movies and so much more media! if you like knowing about that kind of stuff feel free to look!

The beginning of my site.

i was watching an angelfire top ten site video and i always wanted to make a angelfire , i vaugly remember myspace but i knew it was popular,, i never had a myspace account or my own website at that , most popular websites / apps are clean and modern , i wanted something that i could customize... so i hunted for a free web hosting site and stumbled on neocities. My first site was a lain site based of fauux ,, i did not know what i wanted ... so i checked out the front page to get inspired and bam... half my inspo comes from people who i follow / looked at on the mainpage...and here i am! ( i am still figuring out a cool neat layout for my site lol! )

what to look for + advice on coding

i may not be the best at giving advice but i tried lol

if you are new to neocities and wanna know more about css and html i highly suggest reading up on it first than playing around and adding stuff without knowing!... but?. well for me i found it easier to pick up because i researched on it more than simply jumping ahead , i also took inspo from other sites that looked clean and diff aesthetics and formats to try and get a clear idea on what i wanted my site to look like!

get a site plan , you can draw it out and write it out , trust me plans are always the best when doing big projects like creating a site!... i highly recommend that you at least have clear ideas on what kinda sitw you would love to make , simple and plain or big and bulky who knows ! it is up to you :-) a good site is W3schools (and stackover flow )... honestly good luck! and try and have fun when making a site , it is supposed to be fun of course so try to take your time and go at your own pace , i know making sites can be so fun and exciting!

feel free to leave a comment

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